Clean, compact, and repair the registry if possible,  Check for file errors and repair if possible, check for updated device drivers and install if necessary
Delete cookie, history, temporary internet files, delete unnecessary shortcuts from desktop and start menu
Defrag the hard drive to improve system performance, remove unnecessary programs from starting
Test the hard drive, memory, the network card and adjust if necessary, test the sound card, speakers, and microphone and adjust  if necessary
Uninstall unnecessary programs,  update anti-spyware and anti-virus software, if available

$199 for 12-Month PC Maintenance Agreement

Eight point maintenance inspection. Provided on a quarterly schedule. Start-up optimization - reduce the number of programs that run at start-up increasing the overall speed of the computer.
Internet optimization - check browser security and usability settings. Updates performed as needed. Speed tests also performed.. Third party applications: update all third party applications. (Ex. Java, Adobe, Etc. Back-up verification: analysis and verification of back-up system.
Disk defragmentation: optimization of the way that data is being stored. Anti-virus scan: software updated and ran to scan for any infections. Removal on any detected items. Firewall verification.
Hardware diagnostics: check hardware and system for errors. Check disk also ran to help repair any damage. Performance enhancement removal of all temporary and cache files on the computer.
Operating system updates: download and installation of all outstanding updates.
Other maintenance as needed: review of all applications and upgrade possibilities

The Real Deal: In today's IT security atmosphere, anti-virus software gives you little to no protection against threats to your PC. The best line of defense is to keep your computer up-to-date with the latest software and rid of the internet files that could contain malware and spyware. Take advantage of this annual plan that will cover your PC for the next 12 months

$40 for Remote Computer Support and Tune-Up

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For all your Computer Needs

Fix the specific problem(s) for which you are requesting services
Check hardware specific specs (temperatures, hard drive health, etc)
Check the computer for any viruses/malware/spyware and remove them
Update any software that may be out of date and vulnerable
Clear out "junk" files that build up on the system over time -- this clears up space on your computer
Disable unneeded start-up applications. Check your device drivers and make sure they are up to date and performing correctly. Clean up your web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc) and make sure there are no malicious add-ons running. Perform a specialized defrag to speed up hard drive access times
Valid for PC only

$80 for Remote Computer Support and with 1-Year Security Software